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  • Our vision is a democracy that learns faster and better than problems become dangerous. We want to put this idea on the political agena and help strenghtening the resilience of our societies. 

    The political system is overwhelmed by profound developments (climate, digitalisation, demography etc.) and the trust in the state is declining, thus the time is ripe for a Learning Democracy.

  • Lernende Demokratie

    Our Academy of Learning Democracy was founded through a cooperation of Democracy International and the Procedere network for procedural practice.

    Both organisations are deeply engaged in topics of participation and civil society and can draw on many years of experience in working with political, economic, administrative and civil actors. 

  • We work towards our goal through three main pillars:

    1. Informing about the Learning Democracy and placing it on the political agena
    2. Researching and developing democratic and procedural innovations in practical "laboratories" 
    3. Training democracy-developers in procedural theory and through practical projects.




The most successful companies have learned how to continuously adapt to new challenges, if we want to make our societies more resilient, we need to do the same for our democracies. This is the central premise of the Learning Democracy Academy, Democracy International’s new project, led by Dr. Raban Fuhrmann.

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