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We are just starting to think about and create a Learning Democracy. There is still a long way ahead of us, and it surely won’t be easy to implement our vision and our ideas of the Academy of Learning Democracy. 

We have a strong vision of how our societies and political systems can be more resilient and reflective in the future and we have a mission with concrete steps how we want to reach that goal. Nevertheless, we do not claim to know how exactly a Learning Democracy should look like or that we can reach this goal in the close future. We want our idea to be discussed and developed in the political and social discourse: on local, national, global level; in education, science, politics, administration, the economy and the civil society. 

We understand ourselves as education innovators, who want to get the ball rolling towards a democratic, transformational learning-movement. We are initators and innovators with lots of ideas and expertise. Our skills lay in training of democracy developers, consulting for organisational, learning processes, and in researching and developing innovative political methods.

Nevertheless, it is not our claim nor our goal to know and do everything. Therefore we need partners, clients, teachers and students from all areas to help us in this process. Our Academy of Learning Democracy is a learning project itself. We learn from and with our partners and projects and try to hear different opinions and voices. The participatory and procedural aspect is inherent to the concept of a Learning Democracy and to the Academy.

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