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For our democracies to develop into learning systems and for everyday democratic processes to become more participatory and effective, we need people who have the necessary skills. In our training courses we want to impart this knowledge and skills. 

Our long-term goal is to professionalise Democracy Development and to establish a broad Qualification Programme for Democracy Development. By this, we mean a coordinated and continuously developing product family of qualification measures that addresses different target groups and teaches various methods and schools. The contents of these training courses can include participation methods, project and process development, moderation and mediation, governance processes and much more. It is all about skills and knowledge that enable people to make democratic processes more effective, sustainable and participatory.

There are various training providers who organise seminars about these and similar topics. However, so far there is a lack of a superordinate system and a clear focus on Democracy Development. We would, therefore, like to build up a network of institutions and organisations that want to be part of such a Qualification Programme for Democracy Development. 

We are taking the first step towards this and offer some training courses ourselves. At the moment these are mainly about participation competences. Below you can learn more about our current training offers.

We owe our expertise above all to Dr Raban Fuhrmann, who has built up profound methodological, conceptual and facilitation skills in over 500 events and has proven his abilities in a wide range of assignments and teaching activities (more information here). We also have a broad network of trainers and speakers.

We offer training for members of public administrations and institutions as well as other decision-makers about how to strengthen and manage public...
In our current disruptive times, the ability to create sustainable, social transformational processes is becoming more important. We as the Academy...

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