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Training for Democracy Development

Training for Democracy Development


We offer training for members of public administrations and institutions as well as other decision-makers about how to strengthen and manage public participation. Public participation - done right - is one of the core elements (although by far not the only one) of Democracy Development. We want to develop further our training and workshop offers in the future and approach other groups and topics that are crucial for building a Learning Democracy.

 Depending on the need of the participants and the content, we offer our workshops in different formats:

  • TOOL-SCHOOL: Acquiring skills & tools for participatory democracy development (2-3 days).
  • TOOL-SHOP: Workshop to tailor your own toolset / process-design for a specific case (1-2 days).
  • DEMOCRACY-JAM: Developing an agenda for a specific democracy-development issue (1-2 days)
  • DEMOCRACY-CAMP: Exchanging innovations and bringing forward your own participatory project; assisted by coaches and experts, together with other democracy-entrepreneurs (2-3 days).
  • DEMOCRACY-SCHOOL: Theory and practice of democracy-development strategies, illustrated by actual cases and applied to crucial democracy-development challenges (3-5 days) – planned before the Bern 2019Global Forumas International Democracy-Development Summer-School

Below you find the workshops that we offer at the moment. We are just setting up the training section of our Academy, therefore, we can't offer too much information yet. More detailed information will follow soon. If you are already interested in one of the topics please contact For now, we will plan workshops according to the demand.

We also carry out in-house training: if your administration or organisation is having, for example, a pending case of citizen participation, for which it needs support, we can offer training and help. 

If you are interested in one of our workshops or have general questions or remarks, please contact us under




When does public participation make sense?  
How do I implement and organise public participation?
How do I design and manage participation processes?
How do I set up guidelines and statutes for participation to institutionalise participation?
How do I communicate about participation with fellow members of the administration or politicians and how can I teach them the competencies that I...
[Heads-up: The working language of the conference will be German. Thus this is rather for informational purposes and to give an example for a Camp-...

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