The challenges of the 21st century are diverse and complex. Climate change, digitization, globalization, and migration pose significant challenges to our democracies. In a time of change, it is more important than ever that our democracies are efficient and resilient.

We believe that a Learning Democracy is the answer to these challenges. A Learning Democracy is a democracy that constantly evolves and adapts. It is capable of recognizing and responding to the new developments and needs of society. It is a promise that things will get better. The promise of a democracy that becomes offensive again in the system competition.

The fundamental principles of a Learning Democracy are:

  • Participation: A Learning Democracy is a participatory democracy. All people should be involved in the political processes. This applies to citizens, politicians, and other democratic actors alike.
  • Reflection: A Learning Democracy is a reflective democracy. It is capable of questioning and improving itself. This happens through a continuous learning process, in which all democratic actors are involved.
  • Innovation: A Learning Democracy is an innovative democracy. It is open to new ideas and solutions. It is capable of meeting the challenges of the future by exploring new paths.

We are working to realize this vision. We promote the development of a Learning Democracy through research, training, and public relations.

We are convinced that a Learning Democracy is the future of our democracies. It is the best form of government and the answer to the challenges of the 21st century.