We are in an exciting initial phase of establishing a learning democracy. Our path is ambitious and challenging, and it will certainly not be easy to realize our endeavors. 

We hold a clear vision of how societies and political systems can be made more resilient and reflective. Our mission involves concrete steps to move closer to this vision. We do not claim to have all the answers or to achieve our goal in the short term. Instead, we see our ideas as part of an ongoing discourse that should take place at the local, national, and global levels. We want our concepts to be discussed and further developed in different spheres – education and science, politics and administration, business, and civil society.

We see ourselves as pioneers and innovators who initiate a democratic, transformative learning process. With a wealth of ideas and comprehensive expertise, we drive development forward. Our strengths lie in training democracy developers, consulting on organizational learning processes, and researching and developing innovative political methods.

espite our diverse skills, we are aware that we cannot tackle all challenges alone. Therefore, partnerships are essential. We are looking for clients, teachers, students, and partners from all areas who want to progress with us on this journey. Our academy is itself a learning project – we continuously learn from our partners and projects. We strive to integrate a diversity of opinions and voices because the participatory and procedural approach is central to both the concept of a learning democracy and our academy.