Stadtmacher Akademie

The Stadtmacher Akademie, a project of the Association for Housing and Urban Development (vhw), supports civil society actors in the sustainable and creative design of urban spaces. Since September 2019, the Akademie has been fostering committed city-makers through educational formats, research access, and a nationwide network.

The one-year program of the Akademie comprises three camps and a personal consultation meeting (Lab) and is aimed at local stakeholders who want to further develop their projects and engage with current urban development policy challenges.

The "Stadtmacher Akademie", as a catalyst and networking hub, addresses the following thematic areas:

  • Urban policy discourse
  • Local politics and administration
  • Team building and organizational development
  • Legal aspects
  • Marketing and PR
  • Financial aspects

The Akademie accepts up to 12 projects per cohort, with teams of up to three people welcome. Applications for the current cohort are accepted until July 5th.

For further information and application details, please visit the website of the Stadtmacher Akademie and on Facebook.