Crisis Governance

During the COVID-19 crisis, democracy faced unprecedented challenges. We asked ourselves: How can democracy function during such a time of crisis, and how can it be part of the solution? These important questions were addressed under the keyword Crisis Governance.

Looking back, you will find contributions, events, and documents that deal with crisis governance as well as the role of democracy during the Corona crisis.

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Crisis governance during the pandemic dealt with the "how" of crisis management: How were sustainable decisions made and common solutions implemented under extreme pressure? The crisis called for innovative approaches and the full utilization of our societal, co-creative potential. The insights from this time remain valuable for shaping future crisis responses.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown: Democracy in crisis means maintaining democratic practices and participation to emerge strengthened from the crisis. This is the only way to prevent a deepening of the crisis of acceptance. Through effective participation, we can manage the crisis and its consequences more sustainably.

The experiences from the pandemic teach us. Crises are best dealt with together.: So let's tackle it: We can do better – much better. We can do it together!