Aufbruch 146

In a time when democratic structures and processes are being tested worldwide, Germany stands at a turning point. The project "Aufbruch 146" represents a visionary initiative aimed at strengthening the foundations of our democracy and renewing them for future generations.

Through a proposal based on Article 146 of the Basic Law, openPetition aims to establish a Constituent Assembly initiated and legitimized by the sovereign – the people. This initiative seeks to organize interventions in the democratic process and thereby promote a vibrant and participatory democracy that places empowered citizens at its core.

In a time when democratic values and the Grndgesetz itself are at risk, "Aufbruch 146" emphasizes the need for a renewed constitution, decided upon by the German people through free choice. It is about nothing less than love for the liberal democratic order, the desire for unity, and pride in our Grundgesetz.

"Aufbruch 146" initiates a discussion about the modernization of democracy, the strengthening of federalism, the reduction of bureaucracy, and an enhanced separation of powers. It invites us to contemplate a sustainable, deliberative, and participatory democracy where shared power is less toxic and empowers citizens in decision-making.

This approach is not only discussed theoretically but also practically tested through formats such as online petitions, house parliaments, and online referendums, which make self-efficacy and self-empowerment tangible.

"Aufbruch 146" is more than just a project; it is a call to actively shape our democratic future. It is about creating a space where political deliberation can take place free from domination and fostering a culture where democracy is understood as a living and dynamic process.