Akademie lernende Demokratie

We can do it better... much better!

Our vision is a democracy that sustainably solves problems and instills hope. This means continuously learning to identify and collectively address challenges faster and more effectively. We support the development and dissemination of the necessary skills for this purpose. This idea is being placed on the political agenda to strengthen the resilience and transformative capacity of our society.

Explore our toolbook

The Toolbook is intended for you! It is aimed at dedicated individuals from groups, projects, and networks in the sustainability sector. The included working materials are there to help you continuously improve your project, your organization, and even our democracy, making your sustainability efforts more sustainable.


In order for our democracies to evolve into learning systems and for everyday democratic processes to become more participatory and effective, we need educated individuals who possess the necessary skills. Our long-term goal is to professionalize democracy development and establish a comprehensive qualification program for it.

You can find current trainings that we offer here.